An Italian giant with over ninety years of experience of manufacturing electrical equipment providing undisrupted industrial power solutions, Borris has been synonymous with developing and building power systems for demanding industrial requirements.

Over the years, Borris, through its extensive R&D program, has developed into a digital infrastructure solutions provider for commercial and industrial alike. CMC is a lifelong partner of the company, and is providing customized solutions specific to the customers’ needs.


Affordable, efficient and compact, Inenio Plus by Borris is perfect for supplying reliable and uninterrupted power to all critical business networking applications, and small to medium data centers. Through its low carbon footprint, Ingenio Plus offers a sustainable power solution for companies with moderate power requirements.

Enterprise Power

Enterprise power includes new generation of hi-power modular UPS for large-size data centers and important business applications like networking, and telecommunication equipment, requiring reliable and continuous high power supply.


Best suited for HVARC systems, safety and emergency devices, data processing and manufacturing facilities, industrial solutions includes rugged and durable paralleled solutions up to 4.8 MVA, which can be customized as per customer’s demands.


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