Data Center At KMC

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Data Center At KMC

CMC established an end-to-end datacenter at KMC. The end-to-end datacenter solution extends from designing to making the datacenter up and running.

As it is an expertise of CMC, the datacenter is designed according to the requirements of the KMC and also keeping in mind of the future expansion plans. CMC firstly refurbish and renovated the existing datacenter by installing tampered glass replacing brick walls and conventional doors with automatic closing door which are accessible through Access Control System powered by RFID and keypad device. Along with the civil works CMC provide electric works including the installation that included structured cabling for power and data using state of the art cable trays.

Following the international standards, CMC installed raised flooring, fire suppression system, and access control system. Environment monitoring solution is based on Emerson’s products for monitoring of temperature, humidity, surveillance, voltage, water & digital sensors.

Emerson F-Series Server and communication Racks along with PDUs have been provided for an organized, secure, controlled environment in a single system for sensitive electronic equipment. Lastly, to combat the power failures, the solution uses Emerson UPS system to provide uninterrupted power to the datacenter.