National Telecommunication Corporation – CMC

National Telecommunication Corporation – CMC

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National Telecommunication Corporation

National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) is mandated as Official IT & Telecom Provider and has presence throughout Pakistan. NTC has deployed National Data Center at its HQ in Islamabad. Computer Marketing Company (CMC) was awarded the expansion project of facility at Islamabad and the DR site at Lahore.

The project included site preparation meeting UPTIME TIER3 standards requirements equipped with Huawei PODs along with expansion in staging area involving major upgradation of power, cloud services, addition of SD-WAN functionality as part of the scope.

The computing requirements need high end machines for managing required cloud services. In order to fulfill the needs to meet this requirement, expansion in compute, storage and network was required. The said expansion is being done through new Huawei hardware in existing Racks, with existing network, and Security components. Additional Firewall has been included to meet the security requirements of Cloud platform as Security is the key concern of NTC provisioned services. For the routing and switching the
SD-WAN functionality has been added in the solution.