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VMware – CMC


(Virtualization) VMware

A subsidiary of Dell Technologies, VMware offers virtualization and cloud computing softwares, which allow for multiple virtual machines to run on one physical server. Since its foundation in 1998, VMware has been known for its propensity to create innovative products for satisfy its customers’ differing demands.
Virtualization is an advanced technology of efficiently utilizing your resources. The software lets its user make divisions within a server, creating Virtual Machines (VM) within each division and enabling all the VMs to share hardware resources of the host server like memories, processors, storage etc. This way a machine’s capacity is distributed among multiple users simultaneously.
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VMware is the leading VM software provider in the world, helping commercial enterprises to utilize their resources more efficiently. It also offers a wide range of products for cloud integration, management, and security.

CMC is VMware’s certified business partner in Pakistan, and shares the same passion for innovation and creativity. By introducing VMware’s top-of-the-line technological products in Pakistan, CMC is bringing latest ICT in the country, allowing its customers to experience world’s best and align themselves with international standards.


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