A Chinese company which specializes in providing cloud computing and network infrastructural support to help its customers with their digital transformation process, xFusion in a very short span has transgressed all the borders to become a global powerhouse of the industry. Company’s main strength is its emphasis upon R&D which has earned it more than 2000 patents, and thousands of customers in 130 countries.

xFusion products include servers, HCI and HPC solutions.

CMC is xFusion’s business partner in Pakistan, and offers company’s all top-of-the-line products to its customers in the country.

xFusion 1288H V6 1U 2-Socket

It improves space utilization for data centers and is ideal for high-density deployment scenarios for workloads such as cloud computing, virtualization, high-performance computing (HPC), and big data processing.


  • High Density, Ultimate Computing Power
  • Flexible Expansion for Diversified Applications
  • 30% Higher O&M Efficiency
  • Easy Integration of Third-party Components.

xFusion 2288H V6 2U 2-Socket

It incorporates patented technologies, such as DEMT and FDM, and integrates FusionDirector software for entire-lifecycle management, helping customers drive down OPEX and improve ROI.


  • Larger Storage
  • Robust Computing Power
  • More Configurations

xFusion X6000 V6

It optimizes software-defined storage, big data, and SDI infrastructure and innovates architectures to meet large-scale server deployment requirements.


  • High-density Computing and Ultimate Performance
  • Aggregation Management and easy Maintenance
  • Shared Architecture and Energy Saving

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