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Data loss prevention (DLP) is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. Companies need to ensure their data and systems are secure, and that means having the right DLP solutions in place.

Zecurion has recently released its next-generation DLP product with innovative new features that help protect against data loss.

The Zecurion Next Generation DLP features a range of tools to help companies keep their data safe. It includes the ability to detect and prevent malicious cyber-attacks, as well as monitor user activity for potential threats.

The system can also protect against unauthorized access of confidential information by monitoring network traffic and implementing appropriate security measures.

These features enable companies to stay one step ahead of any potential cyber-attack or data leakage.

Use Cases for DLP

  • Data loss due to unintentional or deliberate deletion may be avoided with DLP.
  • CDs, USB drives, and laptops may all be protected against data loss with DLP.
  • DLP may be used to stop data loss from online apps and email.
  • Data loss from cloud-based apps may be avoided using DLP.
  • User behavior on a network may be tracked and monitored using DLP.
  • Reports on user behavior and data use can be produced using DLP.
  • Data loss prevention can be used to impose data preservation rules.
  • DLP may be used to comply with rules like PCI-DSS and HIPAA.
  • DLP may be used to safeguard private data, including social security and credit card details.
  • Data may be encrypted both in transit and at rest using DLP.
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Zecurion's Next Generation Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the latest in data security technology. It works by monitoring and protecting your organization’s confidential information.

How it Works

By using advanced analytics, DLP detects attempts to steal or misuse data that could cause significant financial or reputational damage to an organization.
It then takes action to prevent any unauthorized access, copying or transferring of confidential information from leaving the corporate network.

The Zecurion DLP solution monitors all types of files and communications on the corporate network, including email and web traffic.

It can detect when someone is trying to copy sensitive data such as customer credit card numbers, financial records or personally identifiable information (PII).

The system also audits users' activities on corporate resources in order to detect any suspicious behaviors.
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Benefits of Zecurion DLP

Data loss prevention (DLP) is an essential security practice for any organization. Zecurion, a leading provider of data loss prevention solutions, offers their next-generation DLP solutions that are designed to protect against data breaches and other cyber threats.

Zecurion’s next generation DLP technology offers a range of benefits to businesses, including:

  • Advanced detection capabilities,
  • Improved visibility into users’ activities
  • Real-time monitoring of sensitive information
  • Automated incident response and analysis, and more.

These features provide organizations with the ability to quickly detect and respond to potential threats before they become serious problems.

Additionally, the secure platform provides organizations with the peace of mind knowing their data is protected from malicious actors.

In addition to these core features, Zecurion also provides consulting services for businesses looking for additional guidance on data protection best practices.

Features & Functionalities

Prevents Data Breaches

Prevents data breaches across more than 100 channels, such as traditional and web-based email, social networks, discussion forums, blogs, instant messengers, USB drives, printers, and other hardware.

User Behavior Analytics

Has a user behavior analytics (UBA) module with more than 10 indications and emotional profiling to identify erroneous trends and stop potential data breaches.

AI-Based Algorithms

To classify documents and detect sensitive material, more than ten technologies are used, including dictionaries, document fingerprinting, regular expressions, machine learning, and AI-based algorithms.


Supports all popular messengers, including Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, and MS Teams

Discovery Module

Has a discovery module for looking for and categorizing private data on the company network.

500+ File Types

Allows for the analysis of more than 500 file types, including every type of standard office software.

User Connection Map

Shows an interactive user connection map to speed up research processes and uncover hidden relationships inside an organization.

Security & Compliance Requirements

As businesses evolve, data loss prevention (DLP) is becoming increasingly important. Security and compliance requirements are essential for companies to remain competitive and secure in the modern digital environment.

Zecurion’s next-generation DLP system offers a comprehensive security infrastructure with advanced encryption technologies and cloud-based management tools for organizations of any size.

The Zecurion platform provides complete visibility into what confidential information is moving across networks, as well as how it is used and stored. This ensures organizations are meeting their strict security standards while still complying with applicable laws and regulations.

The platform also allows users;

  • To centrally monitor user activity.
  • Limit access to sensitive data.
  • Customize policies based on specific requirements such as industry or country regulations.

Furthermore, automated alerts can be set up so that administrators are notified if any potential threats or non-compliance issues arise.

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